is the seamless identity platform
for city services
Moby alloys fragmented city services to the seamless tap-identification environment
Since using secure IoT devices, Moby provides unprecedented experience in building city services - like mass-transit ticketing, eMobility, parking, vending or every one used any identification to service access.
To make it live, our engineers allowed three critical components in a single solution: physical infrastructure, mobile apps with App-In-App functionality and low-code Cloud API.
We use a fully-controlled and certified secure environment for remote delivery and management of your applications on IoT devices.
To ‘quick & easy’ start your first product will be enough knowledge just on a web stack.
IoT and Phygital
Secure IoT connects digital and physical worlds and provides a new quality of services around.
Here is precisely why the first brick of our solution is IoT modules with two key features: wireless connectivity and security. We use special chips by the security world-lead provider - NXP secure elements. The last ones support every identity or financial application - it does not matter what you would like to build - a DeFi or a conventional contactless application.
Our IoT devices already provide contactless EMV functionality - as a terminal and card-emulation. We support all major payment networks and own a white-label cEMV solution as well. A unique in-house design of a white-label cEMV solution is fully ready for offline transactions, particularly for the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) use cases.
And, of course, they are ready to TypeScript smart-contract scenarios in a controlled environment.
The second brick of Moby solution is two native mobile apps - Android and iOS - with App-in-App features. So you do not need to think about how to program basic features, like customer authorisation, pushes, working with database or connection to BLE or NFC IoT devices. Thanks to the moby.js connector, you might create your mobile app with access to native mobile features just with React, Vue or Vanilla JavaScript in minutes.
And it will be ready to connect to IoT devices powered by Moby immediately.
Mobile apps support your ideas with:
  • Google and Apple authorisation
  • Connect to NFC devices or emulating contactless digital cards
  • Secure exchange to BLE devices
  • Push messages and deep links
  • Access to SQLite databases, geo and camera features
  • Collaboration between your mini-apps inside of mobile apps
  • Offline mode and many more
Identity API
Last but not least, the third brick is low-code cloud processing.
We carefully wrap all hard-to-design procedures and secure setup connectivity to IoT devices. In particular, over-the-air connection to the root of trust - a secure element (Trusted Service Manager). So you can develop your application instead create infrastructure code for your app.
With our cloud design, building a phygital experience for your customers will be like a cloudless journey. As for previous parties of the solution - to start, you need JavaScript knowledge only.
In other words, with Moby, instead of the complexity and deep expertise in hardware, firmware, mobile development and cloud design, you only need a web-development team on the whole path of design and delivery of phygital products.
MobyLabs is a team of talented professionals who have been working for digital ticketing as a service, embedded and secure electronics (and wearables, in particular), mobile apps for more than the last decade. Due to working on proprietary products for our clients, we often saw how simplifying user experience with the correct designed secure applications.
But the problem there - simplicity is not simple, and you, as a designer, must understand many things like certification procedures and delivery restrictions.
So this is why we decided to develop our product, simplify the development experience for everyone who would like to change the world, streamline customer UX, and stay in the highest customer privacy standards. We are happy to provide hard-to-design technologies to teams with web design experience to expand their potential to create more featured apps based on a low-code platform.
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